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Settling your child

●      Sometimes a child may take time to settle

●     We usually find that children settle easier and quicker once the parent has left as we can distract them with a fun activity or a book they enjoy

●      They could also bring in a comforter e.g. a teddy, doll or cuddly to help with settling

●      Please make sure that mobile phones are switched on during the settling in period

●      When collecting your child, we ask you to be on time, as being the last to be collected can be upsetting and unsettling to a child in a new environment

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What they will need

●      We use paint and glue on a daily basis - please don’t send them in their best!

●      Brookside Preschool encourages independence, please ensure children are wearing clothes easy to put on and take off

●      All clothing, coats, bags, shoes, lunch boxes and water bottles need to be named

●      Preschool encourages children to attend wearing uniform - Polo Shirts and Fleeces are available to purchase

●      Wellingtons and waterproofs for outdoor play

●      Indoor shoes or slippers are required during the winter months.

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Absences and Holidays

●      If your child is unwell and won’t be attending preschool, we kindly ask if you could contact us by phone before 9am on the first day of illness. 

●      If your child has been sick or has an upset tummy, please allow 48 hours clear before returning to preschool (see sickness policy)

●      Please let us know any planned holidays so that we can make a note of reason for absence

●      So our sessions can start and the learning can begin we ask that once your child is settled that you leave the building promptly