Local Offer

The local offer provides information on what services children, young people (aged 0 to 25 years) and their families can expect from a range of local agencies in Stockport.

The local offer provides information on a number of things, including:

·         special educational provision

·         health provision

·         social care provision

·         other educational provision

·         training provision

·         travel arrangements for children and young people to schools, colleges and early years education

·         preparing for adulthood, including housing, employment and leisure opportunities

More information on the local offer in Stockport and wider SEND reforms is available via the following links.


Brookside Pre-school is committed to the inclusion of all children.  All children have the right to be cared for and educated to achieve the best possible outcomes, to share opportunities and experiences and develop and learn alongside their peers. We provide a positive and welcoming environment where children are supported according to their individual needs.

We recognise that some children may have additional needs that may require particular help, intervention and support. At all times we will work alongside each child’s parents and any relevant professionals to share information, identify needs and help the child and their family to access the support they need.

In accordance with our admissions policy, we are committed to providing a childcare place, wherever possible, for children who may have special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).  We ensure that a good relationship is built up with Parents/carers right from the very first visit to Brookside where we will discuss your child's interests and abilities.  Firstly for children with SEND we discuss with parents/carers the nursery’s ability to make any reasonable adjustments, assess risk and discuss the support that your child would require in order to provide the necessary standard of care.  

All children are offered the opportunity to attend settling in sessions where they can explore our Pre-school environment along side parents until they are ready to be left at Pre-school gradually for a short period of time.  These settle sessions are completely flexible and are tailored to the child's needs.  You will have the opportunity to discuss your child's needs and abilities during these settle sessions and can tell us everything that we might need to know.

We monitor children's progress closely against the Development Matters in the Early years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and carry out regular assessments which are shared with parents during parents evenings and progress reports.  There may be occasions where we might pick up slight delays in development or suspect that your child may have learning difficulties and/or a disability that has not previously been acknowledged.  If your child’s key worker has identified a possible individual need, they will discuss this with you in private, and plan together to support your child’s learning and development. If we feel that referrals need to be made to seek the support of other professionals such as a speech and language therapist, with your consent we would complete a referral form.  We work closely with parents and any relevant professionals to establish the child’s needs and to secure any action that may be required. 

Where we have emerging concerns about a child and/or where a child has identified additional needs or a disability, we will find out as much as possible about the needs of the child and any support the child or family may need to ensure the child makes the best progress in their learning and development. We do this by:

The role of our Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCO) Michelle Bingham is to provide a lead for staff in relation to SEN and disabilities and to make sure procedures are followed, appropriate records kept and parents are involved. The child’s key worker will normally remain responsible for working with the child on a daily basis and for planning and delivering an individualised programme. The particular responsibilities of our SENDCO are:

 liaising with the child’s parents

·         observing each child’s development and monitoring such observations regularly

·         liaising with any other relevant professionals engaged with the child and their family

·         seeking any specialist help or support

·         researching relevant publications/sources of help

·         reading any reports that have been prepared

·         attending any assessment or review meetings with the local authority/professionals.

·         ensuring all practitioners in the setting understand their responsibilities to children with SEN and the setting’s approach to identifying and meeting SEN

·         advising and supporting colleagues

·         ensuring parents are closely involved throughout and that their insights inform action taken by the setting

·         liaising with professionals or agencies beyond the setting

·         attend Stockport’s SENDCO meetings to network and keep up-to-date with training opportunities and local/national initiatives .

When your child makes the transition to school or moves to a new child care setting we would invite your child’s new key worker/teacher and SENDCO to attend sessions with your child to help them become familiar with them and to discuss your child’s individual needs and personality. It may also be possible to arrange for your child’s key worker to attend settling in sessions at your child’s new setting with them, to help promote a smooth transition.

We will hold a transition meeting at your convenience, to plan transition for your child into their new setting, giving the new setting time to make necessary plans for any changes they may need to make.  With your consent we would share sharing target on your child’s additional support plan, and minutes of review meetings along with any other information that may be relevant to your child.