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At Brookside we believe that the outdoors provides children with vital development opportunities which can not be replicated indoors.  The chance to connect with the natural world; first hand experiences of life and growth; endless opportunities for creativity and imagination; improved fitness and physical development – the countless benefits of outdoor play have a real positive impact on children's lives.


Our children have open door access to a spacious and secure outdoor play area every day regardless of the weather!  Our outdoor are is set up with a range of exciting activities to ensure that children have the opportunity to access all areas of the EYFS whilst playing outdoors.  We have an undercover area where children can keep dry if they wish or we can go puddle splashing in our wellies and waterproofs!


We so lucky to have woodland areas so close by to our Pre-school. We take the children on 'outdoor adventures' most days where we explore the natural environment for example we might go on a scavenger hunt with out buckets and magnifying glasses, we go on listening walks, transport spotting and use our imagination to go on a bear hunt! 

Our children love our adventures and we really value this quality time where we often see a different side to children's knowledge and understanding.


We also go on walks to our local area such as parks, Gatley Green, to the shops and any local events.