Outdoor Classroom Day 2018

May 17, 2018 4:38 PM

Today we took part in Outdoor Classroom Day.

We had a fantastic morning, starting with a scavenger hunt through the woods. We collected sticks, leaves, grass, flowers and lots of wonderful things.

Whilst on our walk we came across a huge fallen tree. The children decided to use the tree as a rocket! We sang some songs, counted till blastoff and spoke about where our rocket had taken us - the moon, mars, and somewhere very far away were some of the suggestions from the children.

After our journey on the rocket we went deeper into the woods, having to climb under another fallen tree. This led us to a stream. The children decided that they would like to cross the stream. They took it in turns to balance across on a log, despite some of the children being a little nervous they all tried and successfully made it across!

We then headed back to preschool for a lovely snack in the sunshine.

After snack, some children explored the garden, finding resources to create balance beams and seesaw’s. Other children worked very hard to create some natural weaving looms using the items we had found on our scavenger hunt.

It was a lovely morning and was thoroughly enjoyed by the children and staff!

It just goes to show that you don’t need lots of fancy toys and resources....all we need to play and learn is the great outdoors, a little imagination and a wonderful setting like we have at Brookside.

Later, that afternoon we had a great time exploring the woods! We collected lots of things such as sticks and leaves to look at when we got back to preschool.

Whilst walking through the woods we came across a fallen tree that we had discovered whilst on our walk this morning. The morning children remembered that the tree was in fact used as a rocket in an earlier adventure. So they all climbed aboard the rocket!

We then walked further into the woods. This time taking a new route that we haven’t previously explored. This was very exciting! We found some massive logs and a huge fallen tree trunk. The children decided that this was a dragon! It even had a big beady eye. The children named the dragon Jerry the dragon. They took it in turns to ride on Jerry, he took them to some exciting places such as Disneyland, Switzerland, a holiday to the beach and even to Iris's house where her mummy and daddy were very shocked to see a dragon visiting!

After the adventures of Jerry the dragon, we looked On the ground for some mini beasts. We found a huge wiggly worm that the children held. Then we spotted Brookside through the trees, we had walked all the way around the back of preschool!

We came to a point where there was a choice of two ways to go. We voted and counted how many votes for each way. We came out to the fields which was very exciting. The children ran freely in the fields, until we came across a big mud pie that the children explored, squelching in the mud.

Then we collected dandelion clocks and huffed and puffed to release the seeds into the air.

After this, we went further onto the fields, running and rolling down the hills before we came across another muddy puddle, the children all traveled through the water to get to a field full of buttercups. We lay on the ground amongst the buttercups before heading back to preschool.

It was super hot by this point so we treated the children to an ice pop to cool down before having a lovely Snack in the shade.

The children finished the day by sitting under the trees on logs and tyres singing nursery rhymes.

We have a fantastic day and we hope your children did too! We are so lucky to be blessed with such amazing surroundings to support our ethos of outdoor play and exploration.